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A Journey Inside

A Journey Inside

A Journey Inside, is a social documentation project on Iran, carried out through the sensitive lens of young Iranian photographers who sought to narrate parts of current challenges of Iran's complex and dynamic society. Such work of documentation represents an active field looking, an inquiry with a humane agenda. In their unique investigation of Iran's social issues, the young photographers have adopted a compassionate look. They have avoided the cliché exotic and contemptuous depiction of the society as a suppressed and perplexed community. Instead, they have attempted to reveal the real dynamics of their society: While truthfully mirroring their society's ills, they have sought to reflect the dynamics of resistance, the way people wrestle and cope with those problems, and how life's strong imperative colors even the toughest of their experiences. These photographs and videos pursue community engagement inside the country to mobilize the social and human capitals inside Iran to help remedy the society's ills, while outside the country they pursue the diminution of prejudice look against Iranians."A Journey Inside" was carried out over fourteen months of training and work, under the supervision of Panos Pictures.The photographers: four men and four women, were chosen from different parts of the country. They are emerging talents and after completion of this period of work, they will be teachers and advocates of this look inside their own community. In addition, they will be competent to pursue their career and expand their network in the international field of photo and video documentation.

Ali Kaveh is the Coordinator of the project.