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In good company

Iran, Tehran, 2013.

The living rooms of Iranians are very different from the living rooms of other people and therefore, regardless of nationality and cultural tradition, you would think they would be used in the same way. Thanks to an ideological system that has imposed a very specific way of living in Iran today, however, the living room space has taken on different uses and functions, forcing society to move indoors and do all the things they used to do in public as far away from indiscreet gazes and restrictions as possible.

In spite of the state's religious-inspired laws that prohibit the existence of recreational and promiscuous places such as bars, discos, cinemas and so on, and the possibility that all involved will be arrested by the police, these sorts of places are recreated between the domestic walls by much of the population. This is because what most Iranians have in common with the rest of humanity is the desire to live life in good company.

In good company belonging to the Iranian Living Room is the first of a series of editorial projects self-published by Fabrica.